Our strengths

We act quickly

Listening is the very basis of communication, so we keep regularly in touch with our customers and provide strong suggestions within a short time. The size of our team means that we can act quickly and flexibly.

We keep up with the times

Trends cannot be tied down. They constantly evolve. To ensure that we take the right measures, we observe the market and constantly keep ourselves up to date.

We are multilingual

All our employees communicate professionally in several languages. We all have good written and oral skills in German, French and English. In our work, we are conscious of the cultural differences between the German-speaking and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This is crucial when carrying out national and international projects with customers from Switzerland or abroad.

We have a good network

Over 20 years, we have built up a mature and well-established network of media representatives and other specialists from both Switzerland and abroad. For services in the fields of advertising, photography, graphics and the Web, we bring in experienced and reliable experts. We have a tried and tested, well-oiled relationship with our partner agencies.